Second only to performance, web design is one of the most important aspects of a good website. In this article I will discuss some of the necessities of good web design and how to choose a good web designer in South Africa.

Let’s Get Down To Some Of The Essentials Of Web Design In South Africa

First of all I want to discuss what is regarded as a good design. In my opinion a good design will entail an intelligent layout (which is easy to use), readable text, eye catching features and a logical layout of content. I believe if you want a successful website which is able to attract customers and keep their attention your site will have to contain the above mentioned.

Intelligent layout

To have an intelligent layout it is important to take into account that we read from left to right, top to bottom, this means that the content we first (subconsciously) make contact with is in the top left-hand corner of each page. This content is your most important content seeing as you will use this to capture the attention of your potential client. A good designer will take this into account to alter the layout to portray your content that you feel is the most important to your visitors.

A good web design is mobile friendly

In the technological age we are living in, where an increasing number of people browse the internet with their mobile devices, it is essential that all your content can be accessed via a handheld device. It is imperative that you find a web designer that will be able to create a site that can be enjoyed on all platforms. To find these designers you will have to do some research on the references that they give: go to site from a mobile device and see if all the content is readable/ accessible through that platform. Another thing you must do is run a mobile friendly test provided by Google, which will analyze the page to see if it is indeed mobile friendly through the eyes of search engines.

Fancy text looks impressive, but it is a pain

I know some people want a unique font on their site which will portray their artistic individuality, but please avoid fonts that are unreadable. Nothing makes me leave a site faster than text that is difficult to read. You want your customers to enjoy your content, not have them strain their eyes to decipher the hieroglyphics provided by your artistic side.

Capture and hold your attention

A good design will pull in your potential clients and keep their attention until you have convinced them to use your products/services. Most of the time dynamic elements, for example a flow chart that animates as you scroll down, are successful in grabbing attention. Beautiful visual elements, such as sliding galleries, colorful text boxes and maybe a video background will be able to hold your customers attention to give you the opportunity to deliver your sales pitch and obtain a new client.

You need a logical layout

You will have to plan the order in which you present your content to your users. What I mean by this is that you will have to order your content in such a way that you lead your user on a path that makes sense and ultimately delivers them to a point where they want to contact you. For example, when you arrive at my homepage you will see that I start of with introducing you to my services and then leading you down the page where, ultimately, I have a button calling on you to contact me immediately.

Now let’s get down to choosing a web designer in South Africa

When choosing a web designer the first thing I would ask for is references. They should be able to deliver at least one reference for you to look at. When you are at your consultation with the designer (in person or online) you should ask them if their designs take mobile friendliness into account and whether the design will give a quality feel on all the available platforms.

When choosing a designer it will also be necessary to determine if their quote on the services is reasonable. The price range for a basic one-page redesign could be as little as R500 and reach upwards of R2000 depending on page length, content needed, etc. A whole website redesign could start at around R3000 and cost in upward of R8000, again depending on the number of pages, content on each page, etc. My advice for this would be to get a minimum of three different quotes and compare what you will get from each and base your choice on the one that will deliver the best quality in your opinion.

That is all from my side, I hope you enjoyed the article and that it offered you some insight into the world of web design. If you are interested in finding out more, please head over to our web design page or fill out one of our contact forms and we will get back to you.


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