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Supercharge Your Online Presence And Get Noticed With Our SEO Services

We are professionals in all things digital and with our help you will be able to increase: customer base, revenue and brand loyalty.

Top five reasons to implement search engine optimization:

  1. SEO services is one of the best methods to drive traffic, that is already interested in what you are selling, to your best salesman – your website.
  2. It is a great way to build trust in your brand. Being at the top of the search results gives customers the sense that your business is doing great and it would be safe to invest in your brand
  3. Search engine optimization is a great investment.
  4. It will give you an edge above over your competition. Using SEO to outrank your competition will help you with your sales.
  5. It outperforms paid advertising. The majority of search engine users (roughly 90%) tend to skip over the PPC (pay-per-click) ads and move directly to the top five search results.

Top reasons to use our SEO Services:

  1. We deliver affordable seo services in Pretoria. Unlike our competitors we work on a commission base for our services meaning that you only pay us for the work we do. At the end of the month we will send you a detailed cost breakdown so you know exactly where your money is going.
  2. We strive to stay at the top of our game. We are members of an elite international community of seo experts that work together to stay ahead in the Google/ Bing/ Edge search engine ranking game.
  3. Our seo packages include free website design(optional) and seo optimized content included.
  4. You are on our website meaning that we did something to get your attention, think what we could do for your website.

But what is SEO actually?

SEO is one of the most important factors of your online presence, without it you won’t be able to attract the desired number of visitors to your page. Search Engine Optimization is the process of adding certain elements to your website to enhance a business’ online visibility or presence in a search engine. Our team works with a tried and tested system that has delivered numerous, consistent results, namely being able to rank on the front page of Google.

What does SEO services in Pretoria cost?

The cost of SEO services in Pretoria will differ from business to business seeing that not all businesses are equal. The needs of business vary greatly and thus the cost will also differ. There are numerous factors that influence cost namely: the competition in your industry, the quality of competing websites, the number of keywords you are trying to rank for, the general state of your current website, etc. The cost of SEO is generally high but the return on investments is also brilliant.
To be able to give an accurate quote on services you will have to fill out the contact form below and head over to the discovery form page and fill that out as well.

What Does Our SEO Services Include?

  • First and foremost we will consult with you to determine what your company needs and create a strategy unique to your company.
  • Researching the keywords and market that your business is in.
  • Setting up analytical systems, that you can monitor, to track the traffic to your site.
  • Competitor analysis to ensure you get to the top.
  • Creation of fresh and unique content to keep your new clientele.
  • Quality link building.
  • Social media account management and training.
  • A monthly report on what has been done with explanations to avoid confusion
  • A no bullshit policy, we will be honest in each and every client interaction, no doctoring of results and you will have access to all the programs used to produce the analytical data.
  • And we have much more included in our SEO service pack.

Why Use Us?

We want to be the best SEO company in Pretoria as well as in South Africa and we can only do this by satisfying our clients needs and going above and beyond their expectations, it is thus very important to us to deliver only the best service possible. We are also apart of a great network of SEO’s that are scattered around the world and we work together to test and develop new strategies that deliver great results in search engines and it enables us to stay on top of the ever evolving digital world.

The benefits of SEO

Being able to rank higher up on the search engine results is incredibly beneficial for a company seeing that it would lead to a higher click through rate = more customers. Below is a graph to show how the search traffic is divided between the pages on Google and the different search volumes that each spot on the first page receives.

Page 1

The first page of the search results enjoys about 90% of all search traffic.

Page 2

The second page only receives a measly 5% of all search traffic.

Page 3

The third page receives roughly 1.1%, which is so small it can be disregarded as useful.

Search volumes for first to third place in the search results.

1st Place

The first place spot enjoys roughly 29.6% of all traffic.


The second place receives 13.1% of all traffic.


Third place enjoys roughly 9.2% of all search traffic.

Only the top 3 positions are shown seeing as this is the area where you would ideally want to be. For interest sake the other spots traffic is: 4th-6.5%, 5th-4.9%, 6th-3.6%, 7th-3%, 8th-2.6%, 9th-2.2%, 10th-2.1%. These numbers do not add up to the full rough 90% of traffic that the first page receives seeing that the ads on Google take roughly 10-15% of the search traffic. From the graphs above it becomes clear that ranking higher up on Google is clearly beneficial traffic wise. It isn’t even necessary to explain why more traffic is beneficial. We can bore you with analytical data all day but we would rather show you the results when you use our SEO service.

We make it simple to share your ideas with target audiences.

This is the basic process of how a SEO partnership with us will work

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After our implementation of the strategy is complete you will wonder what you are going to do with all your new clients.

Why Choose Steyn Media?

Our Company Goals:

We Strive To Get You To The Top

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than you crushing your competition in search engines and on all social media platforms. It is our mission to help you succeed.

We Guarantee Quality

Which ever service or service package you choose, we assure you that we will use only the best resources available and that all services provided will adhere to our incredible standards of quality.

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We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service. All communications with our customers is done by staff with outstanding knowledge of all our service, thus ensuring that a premium standard of quality customer service is maintained.

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What We Delivered

Here are a few of our most recent projects:

Advice Section:

How to choose your SEO specialist:

The most important thing you can do when trying to reach more customers online is to ensure you choose the best SEO specialist in Pretoria. But choosing the correct people to help you with your business goals is easier said than done, that is why we wrote this article to help you choose the best SEO services in Pretoria.

The first thing you need to be aware of is the SEO company that promises you miracles such as: “We will get you to the top of the search engine in a month!”. This is not possible seeing that proper SEO will take a minimum of three months to start showing some actual worth while results. Although it is possible to rank to the top of the results in a month, it is not recommended as this will not be an organic process and Google will sooner rather than later remove you from your short-lived fame at number one.

A good search engine optimization company will ask you what your business goals are. The most important part of the SEO process is to ensure that you gain relevant traffic to your site and this relevant traffic is only possible if your SEO specialist is fully aware of your business goals.

In the world of search engine optimization content is KING! If the SEO company that you are using does not present the content on their website in an impressive and natural way be very aware. Most specialists will only write articles in a way where the keywords that they are trying to rank for will pollute the whole article. Although this is good for temporary rankings, it is not the best strategy for long term growth and optimization strength. Google only wants websites that provide good, quality content and will reward such websites with good rankings.

The next important thing you must do is ask the SEO specialist how they will give feedback on the progress of your site. The ultimate is a monthly report stating what was done, for example what citations, content, keyword optimization, layouts, etc. was added/changed and how this will be beneficial to your goals. They should also include important metrics such as domain authority, back-link amount, back-link quality, site traffic, etc.

Ask them about their payment structure. It is important that you are aware of exactly what you will be paying for, how much it will cost and when you need to pay. The most specialists will charge per project and this price will be based upon factors such as amount of competition in the niche, your traffic goals, content generation needs etc. A good SEO specialist will be completely transparent about the costs incurred and where your hard-earned money is spent each month.

Ask them about the strategy that they will use to optimize your website. There is no secret recipe to rank on Google, no matter what some specialists claim. SEO is about creating good quality websites that provide useful information and knowing how to market, distribute and implement that information. If the company you are considering says something in the line of they can’t disclose what they are doing because it is a company secret, be very aware! The field of SEO is very open, and all the strategies used can be looked up online. The expertise of an SEO specialist lies in the ability to identify and adapt the correct strategies for your business needs. So, ask about their strategy and if they refuse to share be very cautious.

Ask them about the implications of contract cancellation. Most companies will require you to sign a contract for a few months seeing that it takes some time for the SEO work to be implemented and some time extra for it to take effect. This is nothing to be afraid of as it is industry standard. You need to ask however what happens in the event that you as a customer is not happy with the work provided or can’t afford the service anymore? Will there be early cancellation fees, etc.

Before you hire your SEO specialist it is crucial to determine how the success of the campaign will be measured. Will it be determined in terms of a certain percent increase in monthly visitors, rankings on Google, etc. This step is of utmost importance as it will reduce the likelihood of conflict between both parties on the work done.

If you would like to know a few more things about choosing the correct SEO specialist in Pretoria feel free to have a look at this video/article as it contains some really great content. If there is anything more you would like to know from us, feel free to send us an email at info@steynmedia.com .