Our SEO is in another league

What is it?

SEO is one of the most important factors of your online presence, without it you won’t be able to attract the desired number of visitors to your page. Search Engine Optimization is the process of adding certain elements to your website to enhance a business’ online visibility or presence in a search engine. Our team works with a tried and tested system that has delivered numerous, consistent results, namely being able to rank on the front page of Google.

What does our service include?

  • First and foremost we will consult with you to determine what your company needs and create a strategy unique to your company.
  • Researching the keywords and market that your business is in.
  • Setting up analytical systems, that you can monitor, to track the traffic to your site.
  • Competitor analysis to ensure you get to the top.
  • Creation of fresh and unique content to keep your new clientele.
  • Quality link building.
  • Social media account management and training.
  • A monthly report on what has been done with explanations to avoid confusion
  • A no bullshit policy, we will be honest in each and every client interaction, no doctoring of results and you will have access to all the programs used to produce the analytical data.
  • And we have much more included in our SEO service pack.

Why use us?

We want to be the best SEO company in Pretoria as well as in South Africa and we can only do this by satisfying our clients needs and going above and beyond their expectations, it is thus very important to us to deliver only the best service possible. We are also apart of a great network of SEO’s that are scattered around the world and we work together to test and develop new strategies that deliver great results in search engines and it enables us to stay on top of the ever evolving digital world.

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The benefits of SEO

Being able to rank higher up on the search engine results is incredibly beneficial for a company seeing that it would lead to a higher click through rate = more customers. Below is a graph to show how the search traffic is divided between the pages on Google and the different search volumes that each spot on the first page receives.

Page 1

The first page of the search results enjoys about 90% of all search traffic.

Page 2

The second page only receives a measly 5% of all search traffic.

Page 3

The third page receives roughly 1.1%, which is so small it can be disregarded as useful.

Search volumes for first to third place in the search results.

1st Place

The first place spot enjoys roughly 29.6% of all traffic.


The second place receives 13.1% of all traffic.


Third place enjoys roughly 9.2% of all search traffic.

Only the top 3 positions are shown seeing as this is the area where you would ideally want to be. For interest sake the other spots traffic is: 4th-6.5%, 5th-4.9%, 6th-3.6%, 7th-3%, 8th-2.6%, 9th-2.2%, 10th-2.1%. These numbers do not add up to the full rough 90% of traffic that the first page receives seeing that the ads on Google take roughly 10-15% of the search traffic. From the graphs above it becomes clear that ranking higher up on Google is clearly beneficial traffic wise. It isn’t even necessary to explain why more traffic is beneficial. We can bore you with analytical data all day but we would rather show you the results when you use our SEO service.