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What do SEO specialists in Pretoria do?

It is difficult to pay someone a monthly fee if you have no idea how and why their service will be beneficial to your business. In this article I will give you a basic overview of what specialists do and why it is beneficial to your website. This guide will give you the basic strategy that we use in all our websites.

I bet your asking:” Why is he giving his SEO strategy away for free? A service from which he could make money?”. The answer is simple, all that you will ever need to know about SEO is available for free on Google, so why would I charge a fee for something that you can get for free? This article will however not give the exact outline as it will take forever to show exactly what we do. All the information below can however be used to narrow your Google searches to find exactly what you are looking for in terms of SEO.

Let’s jump right into the action without further boring introductions.

Step 1: On-page factors

The first thing you would want to do in any SEO campaign is ensure that your main web page is as optimized as possible before you even consider moving on to the next phase of the campaign. Why? The answer is simple: why would Google want to send traffic to a site that delivers no value? Why would YOU want to have customers come to a site where they will find no useful information/ services? You won’t.

What to optimize for your on-page SEO:

  1. The Look and layout:

How your website looks and feels is not necessarily part of SEO but it does help a lot if you are able to keep your users on the site. Make sure all the buttons and fancy sliding effects work. Pay a good web designer to do a beautiful design for you as it will be crucial for keeping your customers interested. A good web design will also ensure that your website displays properly on all devices. We do all our web design in-house as our designs are optimized for SEO purposes.

  1. Content:

Content was, is and will always be king in Google’s eyes. You need to make sure you deliver valuable information to your users by writing useful and informative articles that contains keywords. These articles don’t and should not be displayed on your main page but rather on a blog section. Pictures illustrating what you are rambling on about is also crucial as it catches the eye and makes difficult concepts easier to understand. The most important part of the content is to be informative and beneficial to the reader.

  1. Structure:

You should employ a good linking structure between your pages. From your homepage you should have links within the content that leads to different parts of your website. For example, you should have a link to an article in the blog section that relates to the front-page content, a link to the contact page and if you deliver a service a link to referrals is always a good idea and basically any other link that a normal customer would want to use when considering you as their vendor.

  1. Keywords:

Keywords are the phrases and words that you would like to rank your website for. Keywords are essential as it tells Google what you are about. Certain phrases that repeat serves as confirmation that you deliver information regarding that subject.

  1. Site Speed:

Who doesn’t love lightning speed internet, deliveries and services? Your site needs to load as fast as possible to keep the client’s interest. Load times longer than about 3 seconds will land you in deep trouble as most users will start to get frustrated and leave your website.



Off-page factors are all the links, content, pictures, etc. that are not on your website. This is one of the most crucial aspects of your website other that your website. This is what tells Google you are a legitimate website that delivers an enriching experience to their users.

  1. Social Media:

It is important to have a social media presence as this serves as a confirmation to Google that you are in fact a legitimate business.

  1. Reviews:

Reviews are a great why to get people talking about your business and it makes it easier for new prospective clients to gain trust in the services that you are providing. Reviews need to be approached in the right way as they can cause more harm that good if not used according to SEO standards. Here is a great article on to learn more about reviews.

  1. Backlinks:

This is probable the step that most people know about as it is one of the most talked about aspects of SEO. Backlinks are a crucial part of SEO as the correct type of backlinks for your website can see you shooting to the top of the search engines, while a bad link can make you suffer for ages. There is no set guide on which backlinks will work for your niche, it is more a factor of trial and error. There is however many proven backlinking strategy that should work in most cases. Take a few minutes to research this subject and you will find more that you will ever need to know.

  1. All the rest:

Everything else that links back to your site. This includes citations, Google My Business, Web 2.0s, Authority links, etc.

Although this seems like only a few things that need to be addressed in order to rank at the top of the SERP, there are hundreds of small details under each category that makes the discipline of SEO very broad and very difficult to master. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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